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PowerDirector Mod APK

PowerDirector Mod APK




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PowerDirector mod apk is another popular video editor for mobile devices. You can enhance your editing to the next level features

PowerDirector is another popular video editor for mobile devices. You can enhance your editing to the next level by using their unlimited editing features. You can only access 40% of the content in the Play Store after downloading. However, they offer premium features at a handsome price. Download the PowerDirector mod apk if you want to achieve all options for free.

PowerDirector Mod APK

All About Powerdirector APK?

You can download PowerDirector as an APK file to edit videos. App packages for Android are referred to as APKs and are used to distribute and install apps on devices. You can use PowerDirector APK to create professional-looking videos directly from your mobile device with a wide range of powerful features and tools.

PowerDirector APK’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to navigate and utilize the various editing tools, making it suitable for beginners and advanced users. Users can easily edit videos, photos, and audio files using the application’s drag-and-drop feature.

Video editing options available in PowerDirector APK include trimming, cropping, rotating, and merging. Furthermore, users can use various video effects, transitions, and filters to enhance their videos’ visual appeal. Users can also create videos with professional-looking themes using the application’s library of pre-designed templates.

Additionally, PowerDirector APK supports advanced editing features such as multi-track editing, which allows users to overlay multiple videos and audio tracks for an immersive video editing experience. Users can add text, titles, and captions to their videos, apply audio effects, and adjust the volume levels.

PowerDirector APK also includes various tools for fine-tuning and enhancing the overall quality of the videos. Users can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and other video parameters to achieve the desired visual effects. 

Additionally, the application supports high-quality video output, including HD and 4K resolution, allowing users to produce videos with stunning clarity and detail. 

Once the video editing process is complete, PowerDirector APK provides options for exporting and sharing the final videos. Users can choose from various output formats, including MP4, AVI, and MOV, and directly share their videos to popular social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

APK PowerDirector is a versatile video editing application that offers a wide range of tools and features for creating professional-looking videos directly on Android devices. Video editors of all levels find PowerDirector APK a popular choice thanks to its intuitive interface and powerful editing capabilities.

PowerDirector Mod APK

Features of PowerDirector Pro APK

Here are several features that make this application worldwide popular among phone video editors;

High-Quality Editor

With PowerDirector Editor MOD APK, you can edit high-quality videos using advanced editing tools such as color correction, motion tracking, etc. With 4K Ultra HD and 360-degree videos, you can export videos.

Attractive Typography

You can use the pre-built templates provided by PowerDirector Photo Editor MOD APK to add text to your videos to attract millions of viewers.

Voice Changer

With PowerDirector MOD APK download, you can change the voice of your recording into a dramatic, hilarious, horror, or any other voice you want. Your voice will be recorded first, and then you will use pitch, tone, speed, and other options to modify it.

Video Stabilizer

You can make your video smooth and cool by using the video stabilizer feature of PowerDirector Pro download. Using this feature, you can make futile videos look more professional by adjusting them.

Blending Modes

You can blend your mini clips correctly with PowerDirector Pro MOD APK Latest Version using different blending modes, such as standard, screen, multiply, and add. With these modes, you can add two or more clips and change their brightness level to make them stand out.

Speed Customizer

The speed of your videos can be adjusted according to your preferences, giving you complete control over them. In PowerDirector MOD APK Pro, you can create fast and slow-motion videos.

Social Sharing Options

After creating them with PowerDirector MOD, you can easily share your images and videos on social media platforms. The direct share feature means you don’t have to use multiple apps to share them with your friends.

Voice Overs

A unique feature of the PowerDirector app is adding voices from movies, cartoons, dramas, etc. Adding voice overs to your videos can make them frightening, funny, or entertaining.

Pre-Build Templates

You will need dozens of hours to create a template embellished from scratch. You can quickly edit videos or images using hundreds of varieties of PowerDirector App’s pre-build templates.

Filters & Effects

Videos and images can be enhanced with free filters and effects. Using any filter or effect, your content can be made admirable and professional. Make your images and videos professional by using classy effects and filters.

Exporting Formats

Various formats are available for exporting videos, images, and audio after editing in PowerDirector MOD APK free download.


VP8 (.MKV, Webm), H.263 (.3GP, .MP4), etc.


MP3, MP4, AAC, etc.



Supported Languages

Several languages are supported in PowerDirector MOD APK with no watermark, and we’re listing them down here for your information.

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Korean
  • Indonesian
  • Philippines
PowerDirector Mod APK

Features of PowerDirector Pro MOD APK

Here are several features of powerdirector that make your day happy as Larry with free unlocked features such as;

PowerDirector MOD APK Without Watermark

Unlike the regular version of PowerDirector, the MOD version contains no watermarks. Get PowerDirector APK MOD with watermark removed for free from this website.

PowerDirector MOD APK Chroma Key

You can adjust the color of your images and videos using the chroma key feature of the MOD version of the app. Using this method will ensure that your content will entice your readers and save you a lot of time.

PowerDirector MOD APK Unlocked Premium

The MOD version of PowerDirector gives you all the in-app tools that the premium version of PowerDirector offers, so you won’t have to spend dozens of dollars to obtain it.

No Ads

PowerDirector APK has been entirely free of ads, so you won’t be able to waste time or creativity on them. Consequently, PowerDirector APK Pro now allows you to edit videos and images.

PowerDirector Mod APK

How to Use PowerDirector APK?

Import Media

You first need to import any media file in your video or image into the dialogue box. A professional, classy video can be made in a short amount of time.

Create a New Project

Choosing a new project will allow you to edit images or videos, and naming your project will give the project a title. When you create a project, you’ll choose its aspect ratio and resolution.

Arrange Media On The Timeline

Using the timeline, you can edit your media files by dragging and dropping them onto it.

Split and Trim Clips

The video can now be split or trimmed according to your liking. The video can also be made long by adding multiple clips.

Add Audio, Effects, or Filters

Video and image effects, filters, and audio can be added dozens of ways. Adding audio, filters, or effects to the video is as easy as selecting an existing clip on the timeline.

Preview & Export

Video previews are now available within the app, and you can also export your videos in various formats.

What’s New in the Latest Version of PowerDirector MOD?

PowerDirector Pro APK MOD features several advanced features to ease the lives of its users. Furthermore, it came with several tools that made the app handy and easy to use.

Here are its new abilities:

  • Designing options for borders
  • Animated graphics
  • A collection of 20 animated stickers
  • Over 16 sound effects
  • Filters and effects used today

All the features can be applied to your images and videos so that they will be admirable. With these, you can make professional images and videos without any restrictions.


You can edit several cameras simultaneously, add songs, add filters, add effects, and even edit 360-degree videos with PowerDirector.

Yes, PowerDirector’s MOD version allows you to remove noise conveniently. Additionally, this app lets you remove images’ backgrounds.

You can add dozens of free templates to make your images and videos look decent


Video and photo editing have always been challenging with PowerDirector Mod APK. The user-friendly interface and other free features make it perfect for creating videos or vlogs.

Pre-built templates, voiceovers, filters, stickers, and effects can also enhance your images or videos. Please share your experience with us after downloading PowerDirector Pro MOD APK for free from this website.

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